Many web service providers offer rates that are as low as $4 per month.  However, most of the time you receive $4 service.  Their servers are often located on slow, non-redundant data connections or charge hidden fees.  Our web and e-mail servers are housed in a seismically sound, climate controlled, Tier-1 data center on the backbone of the internet.  We have multiple fiber links for redundancy and access to dual generator-fed power grids.  We openly list all fees for service and will never charge excessive or hidden fees.

We also offer:

  • Free Online Helm Control Panel for easy web and mailbox administration
  • Mail synchronization between webmail and mail client software
  • Advanced Custom Statistics
  • Content Management System (coming soon)

Ability to:

  • Backup/restore domain files
  • Change default documents
  • Change directory browsing
  • Manage HTTP error messages
  • Manage mime types
  • Use pre-progagaion
  • Change scripting support
  • Manage virtual directories
  • Set web forwarding
  • Filter content

Included services:

  • Active Server Pages
  • FrontPage Extensions

Optional services:

  • Active Perl
  • MS SQL & My SQL Databases
  • PHP
  • MS Exchange Mail