Data Transport Systems

Licensed Microwave

IP Support - up to 1.25Gbps data transfer
TDM support - up to 12,000 phone lines
Capable of several miles per link
High security/reliability
Managed backhaul
99.999% service levels
Primary or redundant connection
Purchase systems or lease on ours

Unlicensed Wireless

IP Support - up to 100Mbps
Quick deployment/redeployment
Indoor/outdoor systems
Public Safety & Public Applications
Open & secure implementations
Dual-band and Tri-band options
Full mesh for robust system
Multiple applications over a common network


Designed for use in buildings where wireless or wired LAN is not feasible
Uses existing phone lines
Speeds up to 100Mbps at distances up to 1,000 feet
Speeds up to 30Mbps at distances up to 5,000 feet
East to setup, use, and maintain
Fault-tolerance and backup capable