IT Consultation/System Implementation

Does your organization rely on computers to perform its routine tasks? When conversations about servers, workstations, networking, or the internet come up, do you suddenly feel lost and are not sure where your organization stands?  Global Data Link offers system & network consultation and management taking guesswork out of your systems. Whether you want us to walk you through your network so you have a better understanding or simply want us to manage it, we can provide a solution that meets your needs.

Once your network is properly optimized, we can remotely access your systems to assist you or make changes and perform routine maintenance, saving you time and money.

Our services include:

  • New equipment installation
  • Existing equipment configuration & optimization
  • Wired & wireless network design & configuration
  • Hardware & Software configuration
  • Internet & Local routing
  • Remote Access Services
  • On & Off-site backup solutions
  • File & Printer Sharing
  • Anti-virus & Spyware
  • Physical & Data Security
  • Customized Data Applications

Do your servers and workstations get the necessary updates and patches they need to stay secure?  Are you able to keep up with the anti-virus alerts and changes that occur on a regular basis?  If you are starting to run low on disk-space or if your backups fail, are you aware of the problem soon enough to solve the problem before a catastrophic event?

We offer service agreements to keep tabs on your selected machines either weekly or monthly, by proactively updating, verifying, and documenting issues and performing repairs or offering solutions if necessary.  These low-cost service agreements ensure that someone is always monitoring the status of your systems, eliminating problems before they occur and saving you money.  Contact us today to get details on we can help your organization reliably leverage your data assets.