Dedicated Virtual/Servers

Locate your servers or lease ours in one of our secure, high-speed, data centers.
Keep your servers secure and get access to ultra-high, fiber-optic data by placing them in one of our data centers.  Collocating your servers offers benefits that in-house server location doesn't offer:
Our servers are located in data centers designed with security in mind.  CCTV cameras, 24-hour security, card-lock access, and locked cabinets provide restricted access to only those authorized to access the equipment.
Our primary facility is located on dual power grids.  All sites have generator-fed backups & Universal Power Systems.
Ultra-high speed, multi-homed data
Located in carrier hotels, we can offer fiber-optic connections to all of the major carriers with ultra-low latency.
Geographic Redundancy
With data sites connected via high-speed, licensed microwave systems, you can replicate your servers to other physical sites at relatively low cost.
Use your systems or lease ours
You can place your own servers in our cabinets or you can lease ours.  We have physical and virtual servers available for lease.